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Idle Engineers Team
Idle Engineers is a group of engineers, musicians, educators, and hobbyists...
Who want to inspire creativity and interest in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM)...
We believe strongly in open source, open collaboration, and life-long learning; there are many ways to get involved...
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"We don't see any reason to make that line between kids and adults and play. Just because, you look at a kid playing and you figure they're just doing it to have fun, but they're understanding their world through these little adventures they're having; these little experiments. It's often very non-linear, but they're building a foundation of understanding of the world and there's not really that much difference as far as adults. A lot of scientists go in this linear direction and there are times that's the way to do things and that's very productive, but a lot of the most important discoveries that have been made happen off to the side, on some tangent."

Jamie Hyneman - Mythbusters interview on StarTalk Radio