Our Mission

Creating electronics, software, and everything in between in the pursuit of bettering the Maker Lifestyle.


Idle Engineers are interested in sharing and collaborating. To this end, our work is open source and freely licensed for non-commercial modification, use, and derivation.



We do what we do because we love it. We pour our collective knowledge, experience, and desire for excellence into everything we do.



Involving community, sharing what we're doing with others and getting feedback. Our customers are also diverse, from the lone DIYer looking for project inspiration - to the community leader who helps groups organize to accomplish bigger projects.


"Have you ever looked at some piece of technology and wished it would work better or could do more? Have you ever wished something mundane you have to do could be automated? These are the kinds of things we at Idle Engineers often like to tackle. We also like to work with people who would want to know more about the technology they work with every day. People who want to understand technology better so they can better utilize it and maybe even go so far as to customize it."

- Ben, Founding Partner